Jana Na Dil Se Door – Vividha kidnapped

Jana Na Dil Se Door – Vividha kidnapped
Jana Na Dil Se Door – Vividha kidnapped

Latest upcoming episode story update of “Jana Na Dil Se Door” drama serial on Star Plus channel.

Fans will have to see some intense drama Vividha (Shivani Surve) will get kidnapped.
Vividha’s love Atharv (Vikram Singh Chauhan) will find Vividha’s car however, he will be worried with her going missing. Worried for his lady love, Atharv will look for Vividha everywhere.

Wondering who kidnapped Vividha be? Its none other than her own father Kailash (Vineet Kumar).

Apparently, Kailash will play a dirty game in order to put Atharv in problem.

He would have himself got his daughter Vividha kidnapped and will accuse Atharv for the same.

Interestingly, Atharv will be very sure of Vividha being kidnapped by her own father.

There’s more to the kidnapping drama…

According to a source, the Indian Army and the manner in which they plan their rescue acts will be very well presented in Jaana Na Dill Se Dur.

So, how will Atharv save Vividha?

No, Vividha’s saviour will be none other than Atharv’s father, Ramakant (Prashant Bhatt). And he will not save her as a mere civilian, but as an army officer on duty. With this track, it will also be revealed that Ramakant is a Colonel from the Indian Army.

It is reported that the channel and makers have put in a lot of thinking and efforts to highlight the work done by the Army forces.

The kidnapping track will Atharv face his father for the first time. It is known that Atharv has always been cursing his father for having abandoned him and his mother.

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