Viewers loved to hate me as Sahil: Anuj Sachdeva

Viewers loved to hate me as Sahil: Anuj Sachdeva
Viewers loved to hate me as Sahil: Anuj Sachdeva

With his extraordinarily fine looks, Anuj Sachdeva is certainly the alternative for any show maker to play the apt chocolate boy character.

Keeping aside the popular notion this talented artist recently opted to play the character of a psychotic lover in popular soap opera Swaragini.
Recently, Anuj’s stint came to an end in the series. Post his exit from the show, as we chatted with the young lad, we quizzed Anuj about the reason bhind joining Swaragini only for cameo appearance.
Anuj maintaining his composure replied, “To be honest I have always wanted to work with producer Rashmi Sharma. At the same time I was tied up with my movie projects. Naturally, this seemed to be the best options for me, as I could work with Rashmi Sharma as well continue with my film commitments.”
“Moreover, I have never tried my hands in such shaded character, so I thought this would bring variety in my work. And I think that my role has been aptly justified as an obsessive lover,” added Anuj.
We continued to chat with him some more and asked him about whether her regrets his decision of essaying a grey shaded character or not? With a smile Anuj answered, “Not at all, I don’t regret playing the character of Sahil. I am well aware that my audiences love to hate me and more they hate me, more I prove myself.”
So, how was the experience of doing Swaragini Anuj? “Well, it reminded me of my first show. With a bunch of new talents full with enthusiastic actors like Varun, Helly, Namish and Tejaswi, they made me walk down the memory lane.”
Before signing off Anuj mentioned that apat from his film ventures he is now keeping an eye on reality series and hopes to be a part of it soon.

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