Jarowar Jhumko, Zee Bangla – Subhankar-Sweta back as a couple in the show

Jarowar Jhumko, Zee Bangla – Subhankar-Sweta back as a couple in the show
Jarowar Jhumko, Zee Bangla – Subhankar-Sweta back as a couple in the show

Zee Bangla’s upcoming serial “Jarowar Jhumko” which will be produced by Blues Production.

It is knwon that talented actress Sweta Bhattacharya will be playing the lead actress role of Jhumko in the drama.

And now the makers of the show have finalised as the male lead of the show.

According to latest reports, actor Subhankar Saha will play the role of Kohinoor and will be the love interest of Jhumko.

Both Subhankar and Shweta were last seen as a couple in “Tumi Robe Nirobe”.

Bengali actress Ankita Majumder, who was last in a lead role in “Amader Chhoto Nodi’ on Aakash Aath will be seen in the role of Jarowa, Jhumko’s elder sister. Her character will be of sacrificing nature. In their mother’s absence, she will sacrifice her own happiness to take care of her father and sister.

Going with the title, the story of Jarowar Jhumko will be about the two sisters and their strong bonding.

Talking about the serial, Snehasish Chakraborty of Blues Production shared , “It will explore human relations with jewelry as its backdrop. Chhau nach (an Indian dance form) will also play a major role here. It will narrate the journey, struggle and fight of Jhumko, a jewelry maker’s daughter.”

“It’s an effort to represent those people, who are responsible behind the beautiful creations of ornaments. In some of the episodes, real jewelry makers will be seen acting,” he added.

He further added, “To tell you the truth, I came across the idea while purchasing jewelry for my wife. We had bought a really beautiful and expensive jewelry. Impressed by its impeccable design, I had thought about the person who had designed such a beautiful ornament. So, when I was asked by the channel for a new concept, I shared my idea of doing a soap on jewelry makers which they liked. He added, “Before beginning the shooting of the serial, we did a workshop on jewelry making where we got to meet some really talented artists. It’s a different concept introduced for the first time in Bengal.”

Jarowar Jhumko will start from 22 August 2016 at 8.00 Pm, every Monday-Saturday.

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