‘Shah Rukh’ drama in Aakash Aath’s Pandemonium

‘Shah Rukh’ drama in Aakash Aath's Pandemonium
‘Shah Rukh’ drama in Aakash Aath’s Pandemonium

Fans of Aakash Aath’s comedy show Pandemonium gear up for some funny moments!
viewers, the makers have weaved an interesting track to entertain you all.
As per a reliable source, in the forthcoming episode, it will be shown that Kanai (Raju Barua) will find a notice at the market place, which will state that a young boy is missing.
And guess what?
Incidentally, he will find the same boy (Aakash Ghosh) right at the market place.
In an attempt to send the boy back to his home, Kanai will actually lure him and bring him to his own home.
A huge pandemonium will follow thereafter as the boy, named ‘Shah Rukh’, will claim himself to be an ardent fan of Shah Rukh Khan.
While trying to meet up with the demands of this Shah Rukh, the family members will land up in deep trouble.
To make things worse for the family, Shah Rukh’s father will arrive there and accuse Kanai of child trafficking.

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