Phones with better battery life are the need of the hour: Ssara Khan

Phones with better battery life are the need of the hour: Ssara Khan
Phones with better battery life are the need of the hour: Ssara Khan

Ssara is not the quintessential television actress. Her vivaciousness and stylish demeanour make her stand out from the rest of the crop.
With many feathers in her cap (Bidaai, Ram Milayi Jodi, Bigg Boss, Sasural Simar Ka and most recently Kawach), Ssara is a household name.
She has played many characters on screen, but off the screen, she loves to travel, socialise, chat and stay in touch with friends.
Since she does most of these things through her phone, we asked her if she was in love with her smartphone. “Oh yes, most definitely” she replied. “And guess what? I hardly use my phone for receiving or making calls! I use it for recreation and socialising. I am mostly on Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and what not. Apart from that, it’s useful for work and my profession as well,” she added.
Interesting. Please share more. “Now that you ask, I would love to share what I did recently. I was in Taiwan for a shoot and there I captured so many moments and memories on my smart phone. I made cute videos and edited all on my own. It’s so much fun.”
Great, but when you are constantly on the phone, doesn’t your battery drain out? “It does…but I have now learnt to live with it. I carry extra batteries with me. Yes, it looks a bit messy, but what else can be done? You need to stay connected all the time.”
Has it ever happened that you tried to reach your loved ones and couldn’t get through because their phone was off?
“It happens many times, and I get really upset and angry about it. I mean, in today’s age, you’ve got to be mature enough to be connected all the time. Just go ahead and charge your phone. Don’t be lazy!”
What about a phone with a longer battery life? “Well, that’s the answer to our prayers and the need of the hour!”
The answer to every smartphone user’s prayer is Gionee’s latest smartphone, the Marathon M5 Plus, which comes with a 5020 mAh battery that lasts for 4 days without charging. It is the perfect solution for all those dealing with battery woes for themselves or their loved ones! This is one smartphone that’s sure to help users stay #AlwaysInPower.

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