Nikitin Dheer and Sudeepa Singh upset with Nagarjun

Nikitin Dheer and Sudeepa Singh upset with Nagarjun
Nikitin Dheer and Sudeepa Singh upset with Nagarjun

Life OK’s serial, Nagarjuna – Ek Yoddha, produced by Yash Patnaik’s Beyond Dreams has been a valuable change from the mundane daily dose of serial on TV. The show has opened up to rave reviews no doubt, but not all seems to be fine on the sets, with many actors apparently getting worked up owing to the way their roles have been shaping.
All started with Nawab Shah feeling deprived, followed by the recent hot news of Pooja Banerjee wanting to quit the show. A noted daily even had the actress commenting openly on her disappointment regarding her role and track.
Now, news is abuzz of the mighty Nikitin Dheer being upset with the makers and channel for apparently wasting him as an actor. The show featured him prominently in the promos, and initially, all was hunky dory for Nikitin and the larger than life character of Astika that he plays.
But now, the scenario is such that his scenes have been reduced and he is apparently shooting for just one to three days in a week. The show is now focussing on the main hero (Anshuman Malhotra) and the anti-hero (Mrunal Jain), owing to which actors Nawab Shah and Pooja Banerjee’s characters have been sidelined. The latest we hear is that their tracks are being reworked, after they have expressed their displeasure in the open.
A credible source from the set tells us, “Nikitin has apparently discussed the issue with his actor wife Kratika Sengar too, as she is from the same industry. Apparently Nikitin is following a wait and watch policy and would decide his next course of action soon.”
An actress told us on grounds of anonymity that all is not well with Sudeepa Singh too. The lady recently had a tiff with the production house when she was not ready to shoot because of her hair issue, after which the unit decided to pack up. Also, it is heard that Sudeepa has been upset over the fact that she has been asked to play mother to Mrunal Jain who is of her same age.
We contacted Nikitin to ask him about his dissatisfaction on the role, and he cut our conversation short by saying, “These are all false news. There is nothing like that.”
On the other hand, Sudeepa Singh gave us a long explanation stating, “I am very happy with my role and track. I was informed of everything clearly. There can never be any issue regarding my hair, as I have only one look and style in the show.”

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