Om Swami threatens to shut down Bigg Boss Season 10 for violence

Bigg boss Season 10 latest update is here. As you all know about the wired activities and actions of swami om in Bigg Boss Show in the name of entertainment. Swami om is seems to getting bad reputation in the house especially during the task leading to housemates losing out on their luxury budget or captaincy.
Om Swami threatens to shut down Bigg Boss Season 10 for violence
Swami Om has recently an emergency exit from the show for court hearing, and now after coming back to the show self-proclaimed god-man has threatened the makers of the show Bigg Boss.
Swami Om has warned Bigg Boss team that he should only be declared as the winner of the show or else his followers won’t spare them.
Swami Om didn’t stop here. he has also said that he will bring his party members on the grand finale to take strict action against them if they do not follow him.
It is also heard that Swami Om asked for few garlands before re-entering the bigg boss house again. He told the bigg boss team that he wanted to do some ‘pooja’ before entering the house.
This was the second time Swami had left the house because of this bicycle theft case. The case complaint was registered by om swami brother Pramodh Jha in November 2008. February 4 is as next date of hearing of om swami.
In the next episode of Bigg Boss Season 10 5th January 2017 we will also see manu and manveer will lock down swami in jail after a huge fight with Bani J.

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